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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


remonstrate :
argue strongly: to reason or argue forcefully with somebody about something

tangible :

1. able to be touched: able to be touched or perceived through the sense of touch
  • a tangible coldness
  • 2. actual: capable of being understood and evaluated, and therefore regarded as real
  • There is no tangible evidence to support this claim.
  • 3. able to be realized: capable of being given a physical existence
  • some very tangible financial benefits
  • this blog had long existed. this blog is full of memory. both sweet and bitter. i was trying to remember what was my url and when i finally remembered, i straight away type it down and i found it. i lost my username and password. i go the extra mile to retrieve my password.

    i found photos that i've been looking for and i knw it will always be here. thank god i didn't delete this blog. i miss those people whom i mention in this blog. they are far away from me.

    i lose some friends and i gain some. that's life i suppose. :)

    And i left my pen at 10:56

    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    i wont be blogging here anymore, you can now find me at http://bohemianjeune.wordpress.com/
    im tired of using blogger and blogger have lot of bitter sweet memories that i just want it to stay and i want to have a fresh start. Relink me people.

    And i left my pen at 00:39

    Sunday, July 27, 2008

    fuck you, fuck you and i love you baby. i dunno why your friends said all those things to me. im sorry for being harsh when i got to know those things from your friend. i tried not to believe and i guess, i was a little gullible. but when u came back, telling me the whole lot of truth, i believe you because u are my baby after all. and from now on, whatever people are going to say about you, i shall not entertain. cos my love for you got stronger yesterday. thanks for everything my dear. i shall accompany you one of these days and also during my holidays! oh yeah, thanks for not loding my anklet b. love you so much.

    anyway, i wont be working at toysrus this weekdays. i need to go for trainings and also success manual. hehe. and then friday shall go shisha with classmates and maybe, just maybe gonna asked b to fetch me after that. if let say he ends his stuff early.

    work was fine yesterday. not as kecoh as always. cos not many people were around. damn it!

    And i left my pen at 14:03

    Friday, July 25, 2008

    awww, i miss this hair style so much! almost everyone said i look good with it. but no matter what, i wont be cutting it again. it took me so long just to grow my current hair style. me and bro is planning to do dread lock together. hehe. for now, i'm planning to cut my fringe again.

    friends and i are planning to go shisha next friday. Power! we're going after school. seriously, i cant wait for it to happen.

    din has been entertaining me for the past two nights. thanks din. thanks for like entertaining my nonsense even though i'm always disturbing you. thanks for understanding my situation yeah. we shall meet one day okae like u want it to be. haha. we shall also go to sentosa with you want to. haha.

    And i left my pen at 15:43

    Thursday, July 24, 2008

    memories would always be memories. you were apart of me before and i treasure it. even though it's for a while. i really hope that you're happy now. cos i am happy for you. thanks for the wonderful time i had with you. May you and your wife be happy. go and make a lot of babies okae? haha.

    MUHAMMAD FARHAN BIN AZZAHAR is working at toysrus Vivo City. shocking sey. didn't expect to hear from him. I was working just now and i had to call vivo to check on a stuff, then it was him who answered my call. pretty shocking lah. haha! whatever lah okae.

    saw azhar just now. i miss chatting with that guy lah. it's like i usually sees him outside but never did we actually talk. and same goes this time. haha.

    i think i might have sore eyes. damn it. din! i need a hug plus a kiss, a cuddle and a smooch. haha. you know what i mean don't you? hahaha! you smelly boy! haha. shhh!!

    And i left my pen at 22:55

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Tidak perlu mencari teman secantik Balqis
    Andai diri tidak sehebat sulaiman
    Tidak perlu seteguh Ibrahim
    Andai diri tidak sekuat Hajar
    Mengapa mengharap teman setampan Yusoff
    Jika kasih tidak setulus Zulaikha
    Mengapa didamba teman hidup sehebat Khadijah
    Andai diri tidak sesempurna Rasullullah S.A.W

    how nice is this statement above? i agree to this person who wrote it. but im disappoint that he's not like what he wrote. what i meant is that, i expect that he would be someone that is religious and would not do stuff that would go against the law and all. i have to admit, he is religious, but i guess i cant blame him cos human being is not able to escape from wrong doing. i myself can't escape from not doing the wrong things.

    future.. well baby, i miss you truckloads. i've got to know more about you from your best friend. and syg, i want you to stop!! if you seriously love me, then stop what your doing. for me. for us and for the future..

    yesterday's D&D was not bad lah. pretty fun but not what i was expecting for. once i'll get the pictures, i'll upload.

    yesterday's d&d was no

    And i left my pen at 11:20

    Sunday, July 20, 2008

    im sorry b. im suspicious of you right now. im trying not to. maybe because i miss you so much. and i cant help but to feel this way. im really really sorry baby. i know im at fault for behaving in such manner. sorry, really really sorry. i realize that im being foolish. thanks zack for making me believe that baby was speaking the truth.

    oh shit! i felt so bad right now. better apologize.

    And i left my pen at 20:55